Johnathan (Me)

Johnathan at Belgrade Beerfest

I am the man behind most of what you will read…..although you can probably attribute any successful cook to my wife, because let’s face it, without her I would still be making macaroni and cheese and Hamburger Helper as my specialty dishes.

So a little about me…

I am 29 years old, I live in Sydney, Australia although I am originally from the United States (more specifically Altus, Oklahoma). After working as an American Football coach for a few years, I worked for a while in the music industry before deciding to make a change about 2 years ago. I went and did some backpacking in Europe where I met some Australians (who would eventually inspire me to visit), I coached American Football in Vienna, Austria (2 separate times), and visited over 30 countries on my way to Australia, where I met my smoking hot Aussie wife, Sara.

Sara (My Wife)


Meet the woman behind all of the questions i need answered while cooking, and the one who makes sure I don’t burn down our apartment. She basically keeps everything together while I attempt to destroy whatever dish is on the menu.

This is my super sexy, awesome wife (of 3 months). Sara (recently turned 30) is originally from the Blue Mountains but has lived in Sydney for about 10 years or so now. She is a social worker by day, and a tribal belly-dancer at almost all other times. She is the sweetest person I know, and If she is reading this, then she will know how thankful I am that I can sit around all day and make sourdough bread and create blogs while she is out earning money for us both (my current visa doesn’t allow me to work right now).


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