Somewhere around this time last year, I was having a conversation with my wife (then girlfriend) about an idea I had. We were just about to cook Jambalaya, which she had never had before, and I thought it would be interesting if we learned a little bit about the Louisiana Creole people and their heritage. Eventually this conversation led to the idea for this blog.

I thought to myself, (and most likely out loud to Sara), wouldn’t it be fun to pick a different country each time and learn a little bit about their culture and history, while at the same time cooking a traditional dish from that country. So what follows is the result of that original idea…


Our mission is simple….to cook one recipe from every country in the world. This sounds fairly straight-forward, but there are a few disagreements as to the actual number of recognizes countries….so we are going to go with the number 196, which is the number of countries the United Nations recognizes….plus Taiwan, Kosovo and The Vatican, which for all intents and purposes are countries in some way or another.

So that’s 196 different dishes. There is no time frame in which we must complete this journey, nor are there any penalties for breaking the rules (such as, if we decide to make more than one dish from a particular country because we couldn’t decide on one), but with any amount of luck, I should hope we could be well along this time next year.


I had looked at a few different methods that we might use to choose the order of countries, but in the end, with Sara working during the week, it is much easier if we don’t give ourselves too many stipulations or guidelines…..so we will just choose countries at random until we have done all of them.


First, you can expect that after each country, we will do a blog post containing the recipe we used, a little history about the country and the culture, and some photo and/or video evidence of our experience.

Second, you can expect that we will be very open to suggestions as to what we should cook from a particular country, and also even more open to any recipes you could provide to us….simply use the contact page to send us any ideas you might have for countries we haven’t done yet.

Last, you can expect that we (meaning I) will be online daily to respond to comments and questions about recipes or ingredients, and that we will welcome any and all feedback!


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